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Your brand is the personality of your business. It allows you to build trust, connect with your ideal audience and turn them into loyal customers. Imagine owning a brand that helps you cut through the noise, stand out in a crowded market and make your audience feel like you are the perfect match for their needs.

Okay, let’s play a quick game.

Check off any of these that you feel apply to you.

  • You’ve tried to DIY your logo in Canva until your printer asked for it in vector format. Umm, vector what?
  • You hired someone from Fiverr to do your branding, but then found five other businesses that use the same logo
  • You were convinced your logo is looking so stylish until you tried to upload it to your website and it became unreadable
  • You googled “How to remove background from the logo”

Your business deserves a professional-looking brand that matches the quality of your services.

You know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? – well, we all still do. Because nobody has time to read the first chapter when choosing a book in a bookstore, right? We just choose the one that makes the best first impression! The same goes with your clients – they usually have no idea about who you are or how good your services are before they start working with you. That’s where your brand comes in – it enables you to create an amazing first impression, build trust and communicate your worth to your audience turning them into loyal clients.

The Process

Stage one


We’re going to schedule a virtual coffee and chat about you and your business. Together, we’ll define your ideal client and brainstorm how to communicate your message through your branding. We’ll define your mission and create a mood board for the overall aesthetic. This way, we are making sure that your new branding is built on solid foundations.

Stage two


I’m taking all of my research and notes to my drawing board and start sketching ideas for your new brand identity. Behind the scenes, my creative process includes numerous sketches, color schemes, and font pairings that will be customized, tweaked, tested, and (mostly) rejected before I finalize the brand identity that will feel like a perfect fit for you and your business.

Stage three


After we refine every last detail and you give me your approval on the new look, I will start prepping your handover files. I’ll make sure you have every file you might need in the future and give you brand guidelines that will help you keep a consistent look wherever you wanna apply your new branding. Lastly, we’ll create some launch graphics then pop the champagne.

Intertwining gorgeous aesthetics with a thoughtful business strategy.

At the roots of every brand we create.

Easy Start

  • Brand Questionnaire
  • 1-2 brand concepts
  • Included 2 rounds of revisions
  • Primary Logo
  • RGB and CMYK versions (if applicable)
  • Monochrome and multicolor versions (if applicable)
  • Vector and raster versions
  • Delivered in jpg, png, svg, eps, and pdf file formats
  • Social media profile image
  • Facebook cover

most popular!

Next Level

  • Brand Questionnaire
  • Mood board
  • One brand concept
  • Included 2 rounds of revisions
  • Logo Suite (Primary, Alternate, Submark)
  • RGB and CMYK versions (if applicable)
  • Monochrome and multicolor versions (if applicable)
  • Vector and raster versions
  • Delivered in jpg, png, svg, eps, and pdf file formats
  • Business card
  • Website favicon
  • Social media kit (profile, cover, highlights)
  • Color palette (hex, rgb, cmyk)
  • Typography system
  • Brand use examples
  • Mini Brand guidelines pdf


  • 1:1 Video consult call
  • Brand Anatomy (Audience, Brand Positioning, Voice)
  • Mood board
  • One brand concept
  • Included 2 rounds of revisions
  • Extended Logo Suite: 3-5 logo variations
  • RGB and CMYK versions (if applicable)
  • Monochrome and multicolor versions (if applicable)
  • Vector and raster versions
  • Delivered in jpg, png, svg, eps, and pdf file formats
  • Business card
  • Brand pattern
  • Brand elements
  • Website favicon
  • Social media kit (profile, cover, highlights)
  • Color system (hex, rgb, cmyk)
  • Typography system
  • Brand use examples
  • Brand guidelines pdf

Package add-ons

*priced separately

Business Card

Keep your info in your pocket. You never know when an amazing business opportunity may arise.

Stationery Design

Letterheads, envelopes,… – make all of your written communication look professional and on-brand. 

Marketing collateral

Print materials or digital content can help you promote your products or services and communicate your brand message.

Additional Logo Concept

In case you want to have an additional concept to choose between, you can add more options to your package.

Aditional logo variation

Add additional alternate or submark to your logo suite to increase the cohesiveness and flexibility of your brand presence.

Why choose Sofistico Studio?


The role of your brand is not just to look pretty but to also communicate the right message and spark the right emotions.


Your branding is created by taking your business goals and your future vision into account.


Intentional design means that every element, typography, or detail in your brand guidelines will work toward your overall goal.


To fully dedicate our attention to each client, we take a limited amount of clients a year. So make sure you book your spot in time!

hey! I’m Irina

Your business-focused designer that will always have your back.

I have a background in business, management, and UI/UX design. Before I turned my hobby (graphic design) into my full-time job, I was studying business and got my master’s degree in management. This experience taught me how to structure my design process around your business goals. I firmly believe design shouldn’t just be pretty, but also highly functional. Any other way just isn’t an option in my book.

Asked Questions

How do we start the branding process?

Our design process will begin with a brand questionnaire or a strategy call in which we will talk about your business, the reasons why you started it, your ideal clients, your work process, the personality of your business, and more. I’ll ask you series of questions that will allow me to get to know you and your business better. Then you’ll make your mood board in which you will collect all your ideas and inspiration for the visual identity of your business which will act as my guide during the design process. Once I gather all the necessary information, I will make my brief and my own mood board and move on to the design phase.

When will I be able to see the first results?

As we end our research & strategy phase I’ll start sketching some ideas for your logo. I’ll test what works and what doesn’t, discard the ones that I think won’t serve you well, refine the ones that show potential, choose the one that I think it’s the best choice for you, refine it further, and prepare a logo presentation for you. That part of the process usually takes around two weeks.

Why just one logo concept?

The one logo concept method is becoming increasingly popular with experienced or high-end designers. Why? Because we can filter through all the ideas and present you the option that we consider the absolute best choice for you and your business based on our experience. Here is the deal – as experienced designers, we know that your logo suite has to meet many different conditions to be able to serve you well in the years to come. From digital to print, embossing or embroidery, from small website bookmark icon to the product label or huge billboard on the side of the building – it has to be flexible enough to be applied to many different mediums, sizes, or application methods. Besides that, it has to communicate the right values to your ideal audience, look modern but timeless at the same time so it won’t go out of style by next summer, and make you stand out from your competition. It’s a long list, huh? And I only choose to present the option for which I feel confident can meet those high standards.

If you still feel like you need more options to choose from, you can choose an additional logo concept option from my add-ons list.

How do you ensure I’ll like the final result?

It’s simple – we are not playing a guessing game here. Our whole signature branding process is created by years of experience and it helps us to get a clear understanding of what our client needs, likes, and expects from the final result. The strategy part of the process is here to define what will serve you and your business well and the best results are achieved if you take time to give complete and honest answers. One of the most important parts of our process is also your mood board which will be our visual guide on your preferred aesthetics.

What are the Brand Guidelines?

Brand Guidelines are a pdf e-book where we define a series of rules and guidelines that are custom-made for you and your business and should help you keep your branding consistent in the future. They can be used by other designers, printers, or even non-designers like your marketing team, social media manager, or even copywriter. Depending on your package, in brand guidelines, we define your audience, brand positioning, voice, mood board, logo system, color system, typography system, logo suite usage guidelines, brand pattern, or elements, and much more. They are gonna be the main guardian of your brand image in the years to come.

Are there any additional costs I need to be aware of?

Some of the most common additional costs with branding are the font licenses. If you decide to use suggested fonts only in the form of a logo, then you do not need to buy a license for them. But if you want to use your brand font for your website, packaging, or documents, then you’ll need to purchase your commercial font license. The fonts that we pick for small business branding are usually very affordable (approx. $20) and the links where you can buy the licenses will be distributed with your Brand Guidelines.

Let’s get started

If you’re thinking “yes, let’s go”, here’s how we go from idea to “woah”



Take a look at my menu and choose what’s looking delicious. Whether you’re a fan of the basic package or you want to add in all the extras, we’ll create a package that makes you burst with excitement and fits your business needs.



I want to know everything about your business – starting with your target audience, your brand, and your vision for the future. Once I have a clear picture of who you are and who you serve, I’ll create design that aligns with your ideal client.



Now that we’re clear on your brand personality, I’ll build an elegant, sophisticated, and irresistible brand identity that will serve you and your business in the years to come and help convert your leads into your loyal clients.

Let’s create a brand your clients will fall in love with!

(Can you already feel those butterflies in your stomach too?)

I can’t wait to learn more about you and your business. Nothing excites me more than a small business with a big vision!