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Prostor is a psychological center for children, adolescents, and parents that offers psychological counseling and group programs in the field of mindfulness and self-compassion.
I worked closely with the founder of Prostor, Zorica, to create their virtual home that will truly match the look, feel, and personality of the brand. We can confidently say that Prostor now has website that is based on firm strategy, lots of very carefully thought-out details, content that resonates with the target audience, and a bit of design magic.

“My reason for hiring Sofistico studio is short and clear – Irina. The impression she left on me was crucial in choosing Sofistico Studio for my project. Immediately upon the first contact, Irina proved to be a reliable person who listens, really hears, and sincerely cares about my story and my vision of my business. The way she approached me in an accessible, open, curious, authentic, and above all professional was a deciding factor for me.”

– Zorica Topalović, Prostor

“If you choose Irina for your project, be sure you’ll get more than just a web designer or some final product. You will get a wonderful woman and professionalism that is rarely encountered. You will get the guided support you envisioned when you dreamed of your ideal website. You’ll get peace of mind even if you don’t understand something or have no idea what it should look like. She will find the right questions and answers for you and even make the process fun. In the end, you will surely get proof that it’s possible for someone else to care about your business as much as you do. If you ask me, that’s not a minor thing. That’s everything.”

– Zorica Topalović, Prostor

“My favorite thing about working with Irina is that she honestly understood me and saw what I wanted even though I didn’t know HOW I wanted it to look like. I felt supported and guided in a process that was unfamiliar and foreign to me. I knew the feeling I wanted and was looking for, and she gave that feeling a wonderful color, shape, and existence on the website. Irina approached our project with great professionalism, she respected all my ideas and what was important to me, and yet she found a way to make it all look good and make sense together. It was extremely important to me that she approached the whole creative process individually, did not say or did things generically and “without a soul” and sailed with me on that ship called “Prostor”.”

– Zorica Topalović, Prostor