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Strategic Web Design

It’s too easy to make a pretty website, then wonder why *crickets* happen whenever you launch something new. Instead of making guesses (or approaching your site like a crafting project), let’s create something that will communicate your brand, add value, and attract your ideal clients.

Okay, let’s play a quick game.

Check off any of these that you feel apply to you.

  • You’ve tried DIYing your site but just ended up pulling out your hair and eating 10 pounds of chocolate to cope with the stress
  • You hired someone “affordable” to do it for you, but it ended up looking like your 3-year-old started experimenting with graphic design
  • When you look at your site, you’re thinking, “This just isn’t me anymore”
  • When people ask for your website, you try and direct them to your social media, saying, “It’s under construction”
Well then,
it’s time to kiss your old website goodbye.


Because you just built a business that you’re crazy proud of, and now you deserve a website that you’ll proudly show off.

And with my strategic website framework, you can bet that those viewers are going to remember you.

A strong web presence is a valuable gift you can give your business

Your potential client visits a lot of websites each day. They’ll get sucked into some, but quickly click off of the others. When someone is thinking about investing in you, your website is the “make or break” moment. If they perceive your product or services as valuable, they’ll click that “Buy” button. BUT if something feels odd, then they are off to the next website.

After working with me, you will


Wake up to inquiries from clients who can’t wait to work with you


Find clarity about how to communicate your product or services to your ideal client


Have a website that works for you even when you are in bed, binge-watching your favorite Netflix show


Present your business professionally and position yourself as an expert in your industry


Confidently charge your worth because your clients now know that you are the person to work with


Have a beautiful website that you are proud to show off

How it works

Stage one


We’re going to chat, and I’ll fill you in on my process. Together, we’ll define your ideal client and brainstorm how to communicate with them easily and concisely. We’ll create goals for your website, a content structure, and a mood board for the overall aesthetic. This way, you can take your stunning photos and big ideas, then bring them to life.

Stage two


When I design your custom website, we start from an empty canvas. Each design is completely customized to your brand and your business needs because I’m all about uniting strategy with aesthetics. In the sea of repetitive, look-alike website templates, you’re going to be that shiny gem that draws everyone in.

Stage three


I build sites on WordPress with the help of a visual builder. This means that you’ll be able to update it without relying on a developer to do it for you. We’ll also make sure it’s fully responsive and optimized for all screens (yep, mobile, we see you). Lastly, we’ll create some launch graphics then pop the bubbly. Because you just leveled up your entire web presence!

Strategic web design and beautiful aesthetics just had a baby.

The result is your website.

Landing Page

  • 1:1 Website Strategy Call
  • Content Tips & Assistance
  • One page website  (Included: Coming Soon, 404 error, Privacy Policy)
  • Custom Website Design
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Responsive Design for Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile
  • Foundational Search Engine Optimization
  • Photo Resize & Optimization
  • Contact Form / Newsletter Integration
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Maintenance Video Training (30min)
  • 1x Launch Graphics

most popular!

Small Business Website

  • 1:1 Website Strategy Call
  • Website Sitemap
  • Content Tips & Assistance
  • Up to 10 Standard Pages (Home, Services, About Us, Contact, Coming Soon, 404 error, Privacy Policy, + more)
  • Custom Website Design
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Responsive Design for Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile
  • Foundational Search Engine Optimization
  • Photo Resize & Optimization
  • Additional Website Graphics (Optional)
  • Contact Form / Newsletter Integration
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Maintenance Video Training (1h)
  • 2x Launch Graphics

Need extra customization?

Choose your add-ons from my A La Carte menu

*priced separately


Oh, you’re a writer?
Let’s help you connect with your audience through some written content, but let’s make it pretty and user-friendly.

E-mail Signature

Yep, even your name can be on-brand. Leave a good impression when you send out all those emails.

Insta-links page

Get your followers an easy way to navigate your website when they click on that link in your bio. On-brand and WOW-able, just like the rest of your website!

Additional Page

Some people just have a lot of value to give. Let those extra ideas get their time in the spotlight by adding on a page.

FAQ Page

They have questions and you have answers. These pages save you time by clearing up any questions your potential clients may have.

Additional Language

Look at you, being all international and accessible. Let’s make it multilingual so you can easily expand into multiple markets with ease.

Why choose Sofistico Studio?


Your website won’t just look pretty. It will also act as a powerful tool that helps you attract your dream clients.


Every website is custom-designed for your business and takes your business goals into account.


Intentional web design means that every element, image, or piece of copy on your website will work toward your overall goal.


To fully dedicate our attention to each client, we take a limited amount of clients a year. So make sure you book your spot in time!

hey! I’m Irina

Your business-focused designer that will always have your back.

I have a background in business, management, and UI/UX design. Before I turned my hobby (graphic design) into my full-time job, I was studying business and got my master’s degree in management. This experience taught me how to structure my design process around your business goals. I firmly believe design shouldn’t just be pretty, but also highly functional. Any other way just isn’t an option in my book.

Asked Questions

What’s your timeline?

The design & development of a standard small business website usually takes about a month. But there is a lot to do before we even start creating it. I’ll get to know your business and website goals, and then we’ll discuss strategy. You will have to prepare the copy and find the right photos (or treat yourself to a photo shoot). Sometimes the prep takes more time than the design itself, so I suggest you leave enough room before your launch date to get everything prepared and finished in time. Personally, I suggest leaving around 3 months, depending on the size of your site and the number of add-ons.

Why shouldn’t I just use social media instead of a website?

Look, I love social media, but what if your favorite social media platform vanishes tomorrow? Or the algorithm changes and your engagement plummets? Would your business survive? I know I probably just gave you a panic attack, but we need to establish this simple truth.

You don’t own anything that you put on social media.

Think of your social media presence like your friend’s party. You show up and have fun, but you don’t get to write the rules.

Your website is your virtual home and you get to write your OWN rules. Invite those friends over and throw the wildest parties whenever you want. On your website, you don’t have to fear algorithms, shadowbans, or restrictions. You have complete control over your content.

Why WordPress?

Because it’s the most flexible platform to build websites! 39% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby bloggers to the biggest news platforms. It’s SEO-friendly, responsive, and can handle heavy data like videos or pdf documents. You can extend its functionality with over 55,000 plugins. And you don’t have to worry about paying any fees to keep your website alive. Building your website on WordPress is free!

Do you code?

I usually use a visual builder and add custom code for extra flexibility. That means I have the freedom to craft designs from scratch and you will easily be able to change the content by yourself. Having a WordPress website means you don’t have to depend on your website developer and pay extra to make updates. I will teach you how to do that by yourself.

What about domain and hosting?

The domain and hosting costs are not included in the website package. If you already have them, then that’s perfect! We can use your old domain and hosting to build your new website. If you need to buy a new one, I can help you choose your hosting provider and register your domain.

Are there any extra costs that I need to be aware of?

Aside from hosting and domain (which are usually very affordable and paid for yearly), you are not required to pay any extra costs on top of your website package. With that being said, some things that would make your website pop are branding photoshoots, font licenses, and paid plugins for added features.

Let’s get started

If you’re thinking “yes, let’s go”, here’s how we go from idea to “woah”



Take a look at my menu and choose what’s looking delicious. Whether you’re a fan of the basic package or you want to add in all the extras, we’ll create a package that makes you burst with excitement and fits your business needs.



I want to know everything about your business. On a virtual coffee date, we’ll talk through your target audience, your brand and your website goals. In the end, I’ll have a clear picture of who you are and who you serve, then I’ll create a website that magnetically attracts your ideal client.



Once we’re clear on your strategy, we’ll design and build a gorgeous, functional, and easy-to-navigate website. Your ideal client will know that they want to work with you as soon as they land on your website.

Are you ready to remodel your business’s home?

(And we’re not downsizing, it’s going to be that dream home with an indoor pool.)

Then meet me in my inbox and let’s create a website that’ll captivate both you and your ideal client as soon as they click.